Sunday, September 1, 2013

WIP Challenge Day One: What's it About?

Happy September everyone, and welcome to day number one of the WIP Challenge I have decided to take part in. My wonderful friend and fellow writer Ellie Potts is behind creating this month long challenge where we hope to bring you more information on our upcoming releases as well as what we are working on. This is going to be fun and interesting so I hope you all look forward to it and have fun as we introduce you all to our work.
Today, I'd like to share the blurb of my upcoming November release with Nevermore Press, Twisted Revenge. It is the first of a series and if you like suspense, and psychological based fiction, with a hint of mystery, terror and romance thrown in you will love my series The Edge of Springwood.

The Barnes family has seen tragedy, but nothing can prepare them for what they are about to face.
Tragedy forced Jacob Barnes to step in at the age of 22, and raise his younger brother and sister. Years later, as the Barnes family is finally on the verge of recovery the past comes back to haunt them.
It's election time in Springwood, and Jacob is a candidate for Mayor. Having proved himself as a successful business man, Jacob feels he is ready to take on Springwood and tackle the city's many issues. Little does he know the extent of the issues he is about to face.

When it becomes apparent someone is out to sabotage Jacob's campaign, Jacob begins to realize the past is far from behind him and his family. Two murders reveal dark secrets in the Barnes family, as they come to terms with a harsh reality.

Keep in mind this is the unedited version of the blurb for Twisted Revenge. But this is an ongoing series, with the sequel being released in January.
Now, I'd like to tell you a little about the NEW series I have begun work on. It's titled The Next Page, and introduces readers to Jamie Brooks and her family. She is a struggling author with a past that continues to haunt her. When she decides to open a used book store with her brother, something unexpected turns up in a donation box for their store. The diary of a young girl who turned up missing years before. The Brooks are unwillingly thrown into a case, which in turn gives their store plenty of publicity. 
With this new series I am putting a lot of myself into Jamie's character. It's a combination of my experiences, my creativity, and what I wish could really happen. I'd love to have my own used bookstore someday. As an only child, I'll never have the family in this story (Something I hope to get into more in the month) but that's the enjoyable thing about fiction. You can always live the life you wanted in fiction.

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