Monday, November 30, 2015

Cover Reveal: Stone Guardians: Obsidian Book 1 by Ellie Potts

Title: Stone Guardians: Obsidian Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 22, 2015

Long before man there were Stone Guardians, a race of immortal warriors who sat beside Goddess. Isobel is different, she is an illegal bound servant. Not human or Guardian, she is vampire. Last of her kind, kept hidden by her Guardian master Vilem of the Obsidian Clan. Youngest son to Ivy who is responsible for the uprising that tore the Stone Guardians into two factions. One who still worship the Goddess, and the other who defies her.

Isobel has seen a lot throughout her many years with Vilem. She has learned with great minds, taught by teachers who live in history books. But she is truly happy when she sings. Now she is the head singer of the local rock band À La Mode. Her band consist of her closest friends, who are fourth generation Guardians. As uninvited visitors show up and threaten Isobel’s life. She has to play the good little Guardian while her world unwinds.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cover Reveal: The Edge of Springwood Book 4 Hidden Tendencies

Coming October 16! Mark your calendars!

It’s been six years since the accident that changed the Barnes family’s lives for a second time.

            Jacob and Justin Barnes are trying to move forward. Justin has a new job, which leads him to the scene of the horrific accident that his sister was involved in. After unearthing part of an old rusted bracelet that belonged to Jocelyn Barnes, along with uncovering a video diary locked away in her old laptop, the Barnes are in for more shocking reminders of what their sister’s alter personality left behind.
 More questions arise, involving a new author who turns up missing right on the brink of her first tour. Similarities between Amanda Clark’s book and Jocelyn’s real life story cannot be ignored. Amanda’s author photo, showing her in sunglasses near the ocean, only adds more to the mystery, drawing the Barnes family.
As answers slowly become unraveled, more long ago abandoned issues arise for the Barnes, as the past proves yet again it’s not very far behind.