Saturday, September 28, 2013

WIP Challenge Day 28:Do you have a cover? What did you originally see as your cover?

I am currently awaiting what will be the third cover for my book. It has been through three publishers so far, and with any luck as they say, three times is charm.
What I originally saw as a cover for Twisted Revenge, was my main character sitting at her laptop writing, while a mirror off to the side reveals another side of her. But as the title of the series and books has changed, I am trying to work past that and try to change it up a little.

The very first cover I received for my book was pretty decent. It showed a young woman's petrified face with a masculine hand over her mouth. I never even had the chance to tell the first publisher what I wanted for a cover, but I was pretty impressed with what they made.
Unfortunately that was as far as the process got. Once I got out of my contract with them after they continually kept backing up release dates with no progress, I began to search for another publisher. A year later I signed with No Boundaries Press only for them to close as well.
So, I am hoping October will bring me more details to share with everyone about my release scheduled for November.

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