Friday, September 13, 2013

On Seeing Stars Newest WIP by Ellie Potts

Jennifer asked me to pop into her blog today and talk about my newest WIP which is called Seeing Stars. It is about Alisa who after getting a fantastic offer to have one of her books turned into a movie walks in on her husband having an affair with the neighbor. She goes off to Hollywood where she finds out her biggest celebrity crush will be making her movie, and has already written the script. One of the clauses in her contract is that she will stick around to be a consultant for the movie. Her and Logan Rider become instant friends, but Logan has a secret that if it does come out it could destroy his career. This is the first real romance I have ever written that didn’t have touches of paranormal, science fiction or fantasy. It is a cute romance.

I have always had an overactive imagination. Playing with my dolls and Barbies amused people watching because I could get so into my stories that I could be at it for hours. My dad told me once that I was somewhere without toys and instead of throwing a fit or saying I was bored. I created characters with paper and played with them acting out my newest creation. I think I was about 12 when I actually started to write stories, which never stopped. Seeing Stars is the first of the In My Dreams line I will be publishing. These are short romances that are from my daydreams and just sweet dreams. Who wouldn’t love to meet their celebrity crush and fall head over heels for them? I am hoping for a late November early December release.

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