Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WIP Challenge Day 3: What was easy about the book?

Today, I am sharing the easy aspects of writing The Edge of Springwood series, and The Next Page.
Really, as they always say nothing worth anything in life is easy. This is very true for writing as well. But luckily, not always.
What has been easy about The Edge of Springwood so far, is I am already using characters I developed years ago in another series I never published. So, to a certain degree I already knew them, the only challenge was putting them in another setting, and another storyline. Sure, they changed some, but for the most part it was an easy adjustment.
A lot of the writing, once you subtract the occasional writer's block and other obstacles and annoyances, really flowed like it was meant to be and already there, just needed my fingers to make it happen. So that, plus the fact that I already loved everything about the storyline and the characters has made it easy, as well as something to look forward to whenever I do actually get to write. I'll tell you, when you get a feeling almost like Christmas morning when you get to work on a novel you are definitely doing something right!
Working on The Next Page has been a similar experience. The characters are a combination of people I have known in life, as well as some that I wish I had known. The storyline and background involves much of my past as well as what I wish could have happened. It's like living out your dreams and nightmares in fiction, which is cool and why I will always be a writer, whether I am published or not. It's what gets me through life.
So, when you have a great idea with some characters you feel very connected to, it can be very easy to write an amazing book that you can feel proud of.

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