Saturday, September 14, 2013

WIP Challenge Day 14: Are there celebrities you based around your characters?

The trouble with creating characters that have aspects of different people in them? You end up seeing not just people while you are out, but also celebrities in different shows you watch that could ultimately be your character easily in a movie.
When I first create characters, I don't really see any celebrity who could play them until after I have written about said character for a while, getting to know them. For a while I could envision Adrian Pasdar as Jacob Barnes in The Edge of Springwood, but then Eric Close started looking good to me as him too.
Ross McCall (yes, the former fiance of Jennifer Love Hewitt) has appealed to me as a potential Justin Barnes.
Saige Thompson would possibly make a good Jocelyn Barnes, the youngest of the Barnes siblings.
And last, a thought that recently occurred to me as I prepared my author packet for my new publisher, my long time crush and one of many favorite actors, Jason Bateman as best friend and business partner to Jacob, Danny Nixon.
These are just thoughts, a little something to help the reader's imagination once they read Twisted Revenge, the first book in the series. But really, it's difficult to set different celebrities in the roles of book characters. Everyone has their own vision of who the character is, and sometimes movies can ruin that. If The Edge of Springwood gets lots of readers it would be interesting to see who readers think should play the characters. Readers and the author will always have different opinions on it, but as long as the readers are happy and enjoy reading about the characters to me, that is all that counts.

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