Thursday, September 5, 2013

WIP Challenge Day 5: Which character do you dislike and why?

Whenever I create characters in a book, a lot of the time they are based on people I like, love and hate. They all inspire me in one way or another to write.
I could be here all day and tell you about every person who has played a role in inspiring each of my character's creations. But for now, I'd like to concentrate on one in particular.
Bob Diver.
Bob is the husband of Sharon Diver in my new series The Next Page. He is also a "recovering" alcoholic. Everyone in the family knows he still drinks but everyone shuts up about it, because Sharon puts him on a pedestal. He is also the brains behind her catering business, so naturally everyone turns a blind eye to whatever he does in the throes of being drunk.
Bob does something unthinkable in the very beginning of the first book in the series. This act gets Jamie Brooks' brother David involved, and in return he gets Jamie out of the house away from the evil drunk stepfather. Yeah, this could ultimately be an updated wacked out version of Cinderella. Jamie leaves her mother's and Bob's place and moves in with her brother who has also been handed some great news (sarcastically speaking). His wife has left him after he caught her cheating.
Bob is sadly based on someone I had to deal with in real life. Luckily he never married my mom, but something close to what occurs in the beginning of the book did happen. He walked in on me drunk while I was changing and didn't bat an eye or care or realize he'd done something wrong.
But what happens to his character in The Next Page is literary justice. As I started out writing it, I truly never thought about him being what he turns out to be in the end, but it felt right. I am still in the process of trying to get it finished and I have no idea how his character will be punished for what he did but it is so much fun to have the power to decide how his character will end up.

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