Monday, September 23, 2013

WIP Challenge Day 23: Explain your title and how difficult was it to come up with?

I usually try to come up with a title that fits the series, then for each individual book something short but catchy. I've made the mistake a few times in the past of selecting a long title. It may have fit the storyline but I think the shorter the title the better. It's easier to remember as well for a reader.
The Edge of Springwood was named for the "edge" you find in the storyline, and Mercy Park, where two of the murders in Twisted Revenge occur is located--you guessed it. On the edge of Springwood.
This is a shot of Snyder Park in Springfield Ohio, what Mercy Park was based on.

Twisted Revenge just came to me one day after trying to come up with the perfect title, and it fit. Revenge is on a few of the character's minds in the story, and twisted is the best way to describe it.
The second book in the series, due out in January, is Burned by Deceit. This one was a little tougher since it is a Christmas story. You have readers who are more drawn to a story that takes place around Christmas and will flock to it if it also has a festive title. But you will also turn some others away. I thought Burned by Deceit is not only neutral but catchy as you can get, and stay within the storyline, because there is plenty of deceit going on in this book, and plenty of fire to go with it.
As for my other series The Next Page, it was easy and I actually came up with the title while still in the first stages of writing it. The Next Page becomes the name of the bookstore Jamie and David Brooks run together and it also signifies a change in their lives, they are going to the next page, literally speaking. Jamie is also a struggling author, so there you have another fit.
The first book in the series is titled Prologue to Disaster, and it fits because that is literally what the first book is. Just as they are turning the next page to go forward in their life, they realize disaster is right around the corner. It's also, again catchy in keeping up with the book theme, which I hope to continue throughout titling the series.

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