Sunday, September 8, 2013

WIP Challenge Day 8: Share a Short Snippet.

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you all have had a fun and relaxing weekend. Today as part of the WIP Challenge, I get to share an excerpt from what I have been working on and recently finished the rough draft of. This is from the first chapter of the third book in The Edge of Springwood series, titled Dark Connections which I hope will be released some time next year.

Jocelyn Barnes sat patiently waiting in the examining room of Dr. Grave’s office with her hands clasped together…wishing she could have done more for herself over the past few weeks. She’d been involved in two fires over the holidays, one that had caused her some amnesia, but unfortunately Tammy, her alter personality had been active. Now, her brother’s store was a total loss, and from what she was being told, her half brother was now recovering from severe burns over much of his body in ICU.
She had finally come around, only for Leo Blake, better known as Toby Matthews, to give her roofies, so he could attempt to kill her…much like Tammy had tried to kill Jocelyn's best friend, Becky.
Tears came to her eyes as she thought of her best friend. She had been one constant through all this chaos that had developed over the span of the past few months. Longtime friends since their school days, Becky had probably been the first person close to her to realize she had an alter-personality years before. Aside from her brother Justin, who had gone to prison to protect her, when Tammy dressed as him in a bar full of drunks assaulted Scott Adams, her ex and accused rapist. All of it led up to what occurred last Fall, during her brother's campaign when she was kidnapped by her biological father. Tammy was lured out to introduce herself to the world via Jacob's hacked website.
Jocelyn laughed to herself, shaking her head. It was really hard to wish you could do more for yourself, let alone actually do it when you had an alter-personality living half your life for you. As if to remind herself of that fact, she took her hands through her newly shortened light brown hair, which now came just past her ears and had a single gray barrette in the side of it.
That was when Dr. Graves entered the room, with a warm smile.
“Hello Jocelyn. Good to see you.”
She grimaced a little, and managed a nod back, as the doctor put a hand to his head. “Ohhh. You go by Lyn. Sorry about that. I remember the nurse made a note of that last time you were here.”

She just shrugged. “It's fine Dr. Graves. I would have honestly been more upset if you called me Tammy.”

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