Sunday, September 22, 2013

WIP Challenge Day 22: Interview a secondary character.

Since I am working on two different series in progress at the moment, today I am going to feature a secondary character's interview from my other series, The Next Page. David Brooks is the main character, Jamie Brooks' older brother and the manager, and owner of The Next Page, their used bookstore.
The following is an interview David agrees to after the lost lost journal of long time missing girl Heather Greene is found in a box of donations to the store.

Kathryn Robbins Channel 4 News: We're here today with David Brooks, owner and manager of The Next Page, the newest used bookstore to open in the Fair Springs area, and also the site where the diary of missing local resident Heather Greene was recently found. Mr. Brooks, what can you tell us about this amazing find?

David Brooks: We ran across the diary in some donations that were left in the back. I understand the matter is being looked into, and I just pray this leads to some sort of closure to what happened for Heather's family.

Kathryn Robbins Channel 4 News: How did it feel to run across something that was missing for so long right along with it's owner?

David Brooks: Pretty overwhelming. We never expected it, that much is for sure.

Kathryn Robbins Channel 4 News: Do you think it was left in a donation box on purpose, or purely by accident considering there have been absolutely no leads in Heather's disappearance over the years?

David Brooks: It's extremely hard to know or even guess about. The police are investigating the matter and that's all I can say at this time.

Kathryn Robbins Channel 4 News: Well, the news certainly hasn't hurt your business any. What are your customer's reactions to this?

David Brooks: Well, you wouldn't believe how many have come in asking to see it, or asking what was written in it. People are definitely curious, and it's helping business a lot. But really, all we are praying for is answers to what happened, and our hearts are with the Greenes.

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