Monday, September 9, 2013

WIP Challenge Day 9: Where did you get the idea for this book?

Ideas are never easy to get, especially the ones that are so awesome you feel like you are on Cloud Nine all day. Once you create a set of great characters and get to know them they seem easy to fit in so many different scenarios.
This is what happened with The Edge of Springwood. I created the Barnes characters years ago and had them in another series. There were other characters in the original storyline based on people I knew at the time. But the Barnes stood out among the others. I wrote the series for a long time, never publishing it and eventually sadly stopping when the storyline got way out of control. I was experimenting into dangerous territory with the plotlines and knew I'd never publish it.
Later on though, I missed the characters and happened to think what if Jacob had decided to run for mayor? Not long after this "what if" hit me I began writing. After a while, I had the very first draft of what is now The Edge of Springwood: Twisted Revenge.
The idea for The Next Page just hit me out of the blue one day. And when I originally created the characters in the storyline the Barnes family was in at first, they were all based on people around me at the time. Things had changed so much in my life since that point, and there were new people in my life who had inspired and traumatized me. Much of it still affects me to this day so I figured it was time to start another series and try to begin a new phase of healing.

Writing is, always has been and always will be the best kind of therapy for me. I just hope that someone feels the same way when they read my work.

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