Sunday, August 25, 2013

Where Inspiration Strikes....There's Another Story.

Where do your ideas come from? It's a very common and loaded question authors are constantly asked. Everyone has their own personal muse made up of experiences, people, and places. For some writers, it is a spiritual experience. As you are writing, the ideas just flow into place in a way that words will never describe, which is what happens with me most of the time.
Every major WIP that has been through my hands at one time or another since I have been writing has been a simple idea that has just jumped out at me. The rest of the storyline has just eventually flowed as I started writing it. Characters get developed, I sometimes see different people in my past and present in one character. Then there are other characters that are based on one specific person who inspired me in one way or another.
What got me thinking about this particular subject? That's a funny story. Kind of.
I've been working on rewrites for the third book in my Edge of Springwood series. Been trying to come up with a title but not really concerned with it at this point, with trying to get the story polished off.
So what pops into my head last night while I am in the bath of all places? A title. It always amuses me where some of my best ideas come to me. I could sit before a computer for three days straight and feel like bamming my head into a wall and ideas will not come to me. It gets annoying and amusing at the same time.
I am sure all authors deal with this type of frustration and amusement. So let's share, shall we? I want to make October a fun promotional time for other authors to come share your funny stories about how an idea for one of your published books came to you. There's a funny story behind every book, and I want to know where you were and what you were doing when the idea hit you for one of your favorite books. The stranger and funnier, the better! Share away!
And don't forget, in November I am hosting authors here who want to give your advice on writing as well as promote your book(s) in honor of Nanowrimo. If you're interested, send your post along with links, and cover photos and/or author photos to Giveaways are also welcome and encouraged!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fall, Rewrites and Interesting Research.

Where did this summer go? It seems unreal that kids are already back to school, and Halloween merchandise is already out in stores, with Halloween recipes and DIY decor ideas floating around on Facebook.
I am really looking forward to this Fall even though the Summer was not what I expected. The first book in my suspense series is due to be re-released by Nevermore Press in November, and the next one will be out in January. The third book is also complete, and I am in the process of working on rewrites and edits and other touch ups before I submit it as well.
I am at a place now where I feel more secure about where my series is going and when it will end. I am very surprised at the direction the storyline took, and was feeling quite uncertain for a while, but at the same time excited. That's the magical thing about writing, when you are truly connected to a storyline and the characters they really do tend to take over the story.
So, since Friday I have been going through rewrites, and it's been work. There has been several points I had to reconsider, and add to in the book. And I have had to look up some rather interesting subjects for research as I iron out all these aspects.
And the variety of what I looked up led me to wonder what the strangest things have been that other authors have ended up typing into their search browser for research along the way as they complete work on their novels. I can tell you my list has been quite interesting considering I have to write about a character with D.I.D, better known as Dissociative Identity Disorder.  During the course of my rewrites I have looked up abacus,  computer and laptop parts, & types of buildings. And that's just been lately, since completing the third book in The Edge of Springwood series.
So feel free to share the weirdest items that have been added to your search browser history, all for the sake of bringing more intriguing storylines and characters to the world of novels. And stay posted for more on The Edge of Springwood coming soon!