Monday, September 2, 2013

WIP Challenge Day 2: What was difficult about the book?

Hello everyone, and Happy Labor Day. Hope wherever you all are it is someplace fun and cool. It's just another humid day here in my neck of the woods.

For day 2 of the WIP Challenge I am discussing what has been difficult in my journey with my upcoming release, as well as my new work in progress. And the timing couldn't have been better as things have progressed up to today.
Some of you may already know I was previously published through a company called No Boundaries Press. The company went under in June and I was lucky enough to have Nevermore Press pick my series back up after "re-booting" it.
Well, since then I have been awaiting payment. And awaiting payment. And I continue to wait. As it currently stands I along with several other authors have been given at least two or three different dates as to when money will start rolling out. All of these dates have come and gone, resulting in excuse after excuse why there will be a new date we have to wait for money that is legally due to us.
It was a rough road with NBP to begin with, when my book was first released last year and I started sending it out to reviewers. I got complaint after complaint that it was hard to read due to faulty formatting. So I had to end up gifting out the book through Amazon and Barnes & Noble for contest winners. I wasn't about to let a horrible formatting job prevent someone from enjoying my book. And it didn't bother me paying out 5 dollars per book, knowing the person would have no problem reading it and I would get that royalty money back.
Of course that never happened. As it stands, if you are reading In Jen's Words right now, keep in mind I never received one dime of money from that sale. And the person behind the company is going on with another company while she leaves behind unfinished business and unpaid authors.
Nevermore Press will be the third publisher I have gone through for my book and I feel more optimistic now since several changes have been named and it's been given a new makeover.
So those have all been my difficulties in getting this book and series off the ground. It's been a hell of a battle, just like writing can be for me. As the only licensed driver in my house, and some days feeling like others just don't get or respect what I do, it's always a struggle to get writing in. You have good days where the writing just pours from you, then there are those days where you can't seem to do anything. It's a stressful, emotional, spiritual experience and it can be frustrating and gratifying.
In my new series, The Next Page, I have been using some rather nightmarish experiences from my real life and past which can be therapeutic too. The only difficulty I have encountered with it, besides finding the time to write is the fact I only do character outlines, not story outlines. In other words, I am a pantser. I get the idea and just run and sometimes I end up snagged. But to me outlines are a waste of time, when a lot of what you write will end up changed anyways. Plus I have little patience. I like to jump right in to a storyline.

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  1. Great post Jennifer. I do character outlines too. Here's hoping we get this resolved eventually