Friday, September 13, 2013

WIP Challenge Day 13: Is this part of a series? If so, what is the overall series about?

I love series. I love reading several books about the same characters, following their lives, and seeing how they react to different situations. I love writing them for the same reason.
I have always written series as long as I can remember. Maybe it's because I got hooked on reading series growing up.They were my first love, my first favorite thing to read besides picture books.
Both my soon to be released book with Nevermore Press, and my other work in progress are part of a series. But today I'd like to focus more on my other work, not just because I just finished the rough draft of the first book just a day ago, but because I also decided on a title for the first book.
The first book in The Next Page series, is.......

Prologue to Disaster

It's way too soon to have a blurb as I just finished it, and it will definitely be in for a major cycle of rewrites. But I can give you a little run down.
The Next Page is about Jamie Brooks. She is a struggling author with lots of issues, including a mean, alcoholic stepfather, a judgmental mother, and recurring nightmares about her last job, with a boss she will never forget despite therapy. The only thing that has helped her cope with everything has been writing and promoting her first book.
Until she suffers through the last straw with her stepdad, when he does something very appalling. Her older brother, who is also going through some issues steps in, and brings her to Fair Springs, Ohio, a neighboring city where the two start The Next Page, opening up a bookstore.
Jamie also has an older sister, Jordan who is married to a well known local author who by no means is a bestseller, but isn't exactly struggling like his sister-in-law. They also have a daughter, Sierra.
Upon moving to Fair Springs, things start looking up. Jamie even seems to be taken with her brother's best friend, who she ends up passing time with in the store when the power is out. But when something is found in a box of book donations, linked to an old local disappearance case, everything spirals out of control, until the very end, when the worst comes out leaving many shocked. 
Just like my other suspense series I have inserted some twists and turns in this as well. I never planned it that way, but once I get an idea as I have stated before, the characters seem to take it from there.
Thanks for reading, and stay posted for more details on The Next Page and The Edge of Springwood!

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