Saturday, September 21, 2013

WIP Challenge Day 21: Interview your main character

Today I'd like to introduce you to my main character from The Edge of Springwood, Jocelyn Barnes. But instead of interviewing her, I'd like to post a scene that did not end up in the book, of her being interrogated by the police after she is found in Mercy Park, with former local newscaster Davis Cauley--who has hedge clippers in his back.

Officer RJ Duncan: Miss Barnes, did you know Mr. Cauley?

Jocelyn Barnes: Just from the news. I've never met him.

Officer RJ Duncan: What is the last thing you remember before waking up in the storage building there at Mercy Park?

Jocelyn Barnes: I remember this voice talking to me in the darkness. The voice gave me chills and I have no idea why.

Officer RJ Duncan: What did this voice say? Was it male or female?

Jocelyn Barnes: Male. He said something about us being live, like we were about to go on TV. And he mentioned Jacob, how I needed to help him win his election, by telling people more about myself. It was very creepy.

Officer RJ Duncan: Did this person do anything else to you? Besides tie you up?

Jocelyn Barnes: Yeah. He kissed me.

Officer RJ Duncan: He kissed you? When?

Jocelyn Barnes: It was the first thing he did. Before he started talking.

Officer RJ Duncan: Sure sounds like he knew you.

Jocelyn Barnes: I don't see how.

Officer RJ Duncan: Well, most  people don't just go around and smooch on people they don't know especially people like Mr. Cauley. He is a very respected news personality.

Jocelyn Barnes: Yes, I know. But I'm telling you what happened and what I can remember. I definitely do not remember being on a web camera, and talking down about myself in third person, and throwing out ridiculous accusations about my brother! That was not me!

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