Friday, September 20, 2013

The Producer by Jaden Braniff

Today I am happy to welcome fellow Nevermore Press author Jaden Braniff in a stop on the tour for his recent release The Producer!

In the not so distant future the Government is Business. The populace is lulled into complacency by the use of subliminal videos. There is order and peace; drugs and disease are things only seen in History class. But in keeping with human nature, there are those who seek to exploit the system and create a world they believe to be free from tyranny. Vid addicts rot their minds with hacked files, consumers are compelled to enhance the global economy and censors subdue those that seek to speak freely. Conspiring in the shadows of a semi-utopian society, The Producer plans a concealed revolution that will change the meaning of our existence.

 An excerpt from The Producer

 “So you’re suggesting that the three of them knew that there was an issue with the scanning and sublim system and they wanted to bring it to light? That they planned this elaborate chase through the streets of Victoria with the intention of Mudd being caught, so that they could show the world the system is flawed? That’s quite the conspiracy theory, David. It does not however, explain why we have a dead suspect in our morgue.” Henry turned to the files that had been on the table and began to flip through them after a nod of approval came from David.
“No, Henry. I’m suggesting that they were testing the system,” David said joining Henry at the table.
“Testing it? To what end? And what does Mudd get out of it other than a jail cell?” Henry asked.
David scoffed, “A slap on the wrist. We had nothing on him but a trafficking charge and he knew it. We were hoping that he may open up the case and lead us to the Producer. The evidence in these files says that Mudd met him in L.A. and his death only tells me that we’re getting closer to answers than he wants us to be.”
Henry knowingly shook his head. “The three of them would not have planned this if there was a chance that one of them could have been killed. Testing the system or not, I can’t see Mudd sacrificing his life for something like this. The man was an opportunist, not a martyr.”
David looked up at Henry with a recognition that contorted his face. “Funny, Officer Cook said something similar.”
“What do you mean?” Henry realized that he had un-characteristically lost control of his tongue and a bead of sweat was almost visible on his brow.

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