Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIP Challenge Day 4: What Character do you like, and why?

I've always thought the term "book boyfriend" to be somewhat silly. Fall in love with a character in a book, only for the book to be optioned for a movie, the role cast and half the reading population protest over who was given the role of the character, thus to have the whole experience ruined. Just look at what's happened with the role of Christian Grey for Fifty Shades of Grey.
But, I do tend to create certain characters that I put characteristics of those that I admire in...and end up a little googly eyed. I mean, it's like creating the perfect boyfriend for yourself that you have some control over until the writer's block arrives and the character decides it's time for them to take over more.
I created Jacob Barnes, the older brother of a character originally based on myself years ago, and found myself putting these admirable traits in him. He turned out to be a sensitive family guy, who can be funny, and is also sexy. In fact, in past interviews I have openly admitted I'd love to visit my fictional version of Springwood, and hunt Jacob down myself.
Jacob is very easy to fall for, with his handsome looks. The fact he is mayor also adds to the image. In fact, if a girl can get past the fact he has a crazy younger sister to look after, he would make the perfect romantic interest.
 I also really like Jacob in the fact that he really has had to deal with a lot, raising two teens when he was just trying to start out his own life himself. I admire Jocelyn Barnes, his sister for overcoming trauma and getting a contract for her first novel. Of course, they both have a long hard road ahead of them. Dark secrets are going to come out that could ruin them. You can read more when Twisted Revenge, the first book in the Edge of Springwood series gets released on November 1st!
In my new series The Next Page, Jamie Brooks is a character who has dealt with stuff that is closer to home for me. She has dealt with an alcoholic stepfather who does nothing put criticize her and put her down. She's been down on her luck in the job market, and has turned to trying to promote and sell her book she's published. But she also has something I don't. An older brother willing to help her and get her out of her mess, as well as a sister who is married to a local suspense/mystery author. Combined, they all come together in the book I am currently working on to save Jamie in a situation she never dreamed she'd end up in.
So, in closing these are the characters that stick out the most for me. It's hard to narrow down just one character I truly like. They are all a part of me and of people I know, and love and hate in my past. More on that in tomorrow's post. For now, I will end by saying all these characters whether I like, love or hate them, they are a part of me and what makes me love to write.

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