Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Sneak Peek of Book 4 of The Edge of Springwood series.

     Well, things are somewhat better since my last post. I am focusing more on the writing and less on the aspects of promotion results. I have been preparing for the second annual Author Fair at my local library, and am getting ready for the first 99 cent download sale for Twisted Revenge.
      I am also excited that the fourth book of my series has been accepted by Nevermore Press! Hidden Tendencies is it's title and you can see a sneak peek below!

     Jacob stood in the middle of his front room staring at what his brother had just handed him. It was rusted, broke, and weather worn but he still recognized it.
    It was part of their sister's bracelet. It had been given to her as a Christmas gift from her late boyfriend who worked at the Springwood Daily Newspaper with her. It had notebook and pen charms on it. Now it only featured one bent pen charm, an open book, and the broken and rusted clasp.
    “It was in the cement. Not quite ten feet from where the accident happened.” Justin spoke for the first time in almost two minutes.

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