Friday, November 1, 2013

Some Writing Advice on Nanowrimo from Author Ellie Potts.

First off, thanks Jennifer for inviting me over. I will not be taking part in this year’s NANOWRIMO, as I will be spending my November editing. Last year was actually the first year I won. Writing a book in 30 days is hard!

My first year doing NANOWRIMO was in 2009, I never finished because my husband got really sick and two months later after contracting MRSA and having blood clots he had to have open heart surgery. So you can understand why writing was the last thing on my mind. The next year we had a loss in the family. Again you can see why writing was not a priority. And then in 2011 I started a new job that November. One I had never done before, and by the time I got home I was way too tired to think about writing. Last year I had some obstacles to overcome but most where towards the end of the month, and by that time I had made it over the halfway point which made it easier. I finished the rough draft actually a few days early then the 30 day mark.

I do want to say that you need to do NANOWRIMO at least once, and actually complete it. Writing is hard, so don’t let anyone convince you that it is easy. I learned that not to worry about correcting something you don’t like, just continue to write. You can always fix it on your rewrite. I actually had to train myself to do that or I would go back and fix it, get frustrated with the story and just put it on the side. By charging on it helps. I find it easy to know how my story is going to end. If I don’t have an ending I am not sure where the story is going. That might work for short stories, but not for actually books. I will actually say this as well, don’t give up. Even if you don’t complete it in 30 days don’t stop keep going until you’re done. The feeling you get from finishing your story is the best feeling in the world, okay one of the best feeling in the world. ;)

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