Saturday, November 9, 2013

Character Diaries. Because They Have Thoughts and Feelings Too.

Most writers have kept a journal at some point in their life. I was no exception. I may have gotten my first diary in grade school, having one through middle school. In the pages of that diary are details of my first crush, angst over being punished by my parents, as well as all the exciting details of my life then, going out with friends, and what not.

Back then I was writing something called The Mystery Club. It was based on The Babysitter's Club, only it was characters based on myself and friends and we solved cases instead of watch kids. I even gave us an adult advisor of sorts based on an actor I had a crush on at the time. I had all kinds of fun writing it. At the end of each story in the back of the notebook I wrote it in, I would actually have journal entries of each character and their thoughts on how the case ended up.
That was the first time I revealed character's journal entries. As a writer, you are always in your character's thoughts at least when they are being cooperative. But in journal entries, sometimes like with us, they reveal thoughts and ideas that do not get brought up in the story line.
In Twisted Revenge, the main character Jocelyn Barnes reveals some of her inner most thoughts in journal entries that are ordered for her to write by her psychologist. In them she talks about her feelings about what has happened to her, and she also talks about things from her past. She also reveals the story line of her book, as she is also a writer in the story line.
Writing character's journal entries is a really fun way to not only get into the character's head more, but it can bust writer's block at the same time. A character's thoughts and feelings and experiences can be enough to spark an idea and realize more about the character.
So, here's my thoughts. Writers, which character from your book(s) would you like to see journal entries of, or for that matter have your readers see? Next month, I'd like to feature authors with a journal entry from one of your characters. You can add links, blurbs, cover photos, even have a giveaway. If you're interested, or want more details, feel free to message me at

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